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About Gum Blitzer

Gum Blitzer is a unique system designed to remove gum from any solid state surface without damaging the sub-strata below.

Using low pressure steam combined with Gum Blitzers own unique, environmentally friendly solution, what was once considered impossible to remove is swept away in seconds.

Operated by Gum Blitzer's highly trained gum removal teams, the system can be used to remove gum from a variety of locations - from busy city centres and schools to sports stadia and night clubs.

The end result is a gum free, visually attractive area that will appeal to pedestrians and customers, create a positive first impression of the business or area and may contribute to increased footfall.

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Removal of gum from a tarmac surface Removal of gum from a paving stone Removal of gum from a brick surface

Operating in cordoned off areas, the Gum Blitzer system uses a portable power source, low pressure steam and Gum Blitzer's specially developed solution to remove gum in fast and environmentally friendly manner.

  • The cleaning lance sprays a small amount of diluted Gum Blitzer solution over the gum
  • The bio-degradable solution has been specifically developed for safe use in public areas (even in concentrated form) and has been engineered for maximum gum removal efficiency
  • A jet of low pressure steam is focused on the gum which begins the dissolving process
  • The lance is moved repeatedly over the gum to loosen particularly stubborn pieces
  • Within seconds, the gum has completely dissolved leaving a small, harmless white residue
  • Although the residue can be safely washed away by rain, the Gum Blitzer system can be set to automatically vacuum any remnants of the dissolved gum.
  • 180-90% of chewing gum is not disposed of in any litter receptacle.
  • 2The amount of gum spat onto our pavements every year is equivalent to the volume of 3 Big Ben clock towers made completely of waste chewing gum.
  • 3After the Smoking Ban was introduced in Ireland, gum use increased by a staggering 30%.
  • 4In April 2006, discarded chewing gum was defined as litter for the first time under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. Gum droppers can be subjected to an on-the-spot fine.