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Why Choose Gum Blitzer?

Chewing gum stuck to walkways and pavements has become one of the biggest eyesores in Britain today.

Although gum removal is a priority for many responsible organisations in both the public and private sectors, the method of removal also needs to be a priority.

As gum tends to form in areas of high footfall, consideration needs to be given to Health & Safety requirements as well as the Environmental impact of how the gum is removed.

Benefits of Using the Gum Blitzer System

  • The System can be used on any solid state surface including pavements, stadiums, piazzas, parks, coloured tarmac & asphalt, indoor & outdoor walkways, carpets plus many more surfaces - all without damaging the sub-strata (the surface the gum is stuck to).
  • Using low pressure steam rather than high pressure jet washing, the system can safely be used on grout without the risk of 'blow-out' which loosens paving slabs and poses a Health & Safety hazard.
  • The gum removal solution used has been developed to ensure safety in heavily populated areas. Whilst every step is taken to ensure the safety of the public, should the solution come in to contact with skin, it will not cause damage even in concentrated form.
  • The solution is also bio-degradable and environmentally safe. Should it enter public waterways, it will not pose an environmental problem.
  • The system completely dissolves chewing gum rather than forcing it off the surface it's attached to and blowing it into drains / to the sides of walkways where it may re-attach. Gum Blitzer dissolves the gum at point of contact leaving a liquid residue that is environmentally friendly and can be washed away by rain or vacuumed up by the Gum Blitzer system.
  • The system is powered by secure, transportable low noise generators and can be used almost anywhere in the UK.

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